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Floppy Fish - Keep Your Cat Happy!

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Floppy Fish Veterinarian Approved Benefits

šŸ˜» Reduces Separation Anxiety - Keep your cat busy, reduce extreme stress from the time you leave them alone

šŸ˜»Ā Improve Well-Being - More than 60% of cats display anxiety,boredom and stress. Floppy fish provids mental stimulates and combats boredom


Realistic Fish Simulation

TheĀ Floppy Fish looks and moves like a real fish! It's interactive too - swings into action as your furry kids touch it, and stays totally still when left alone. The smart built-in-sensor makes it flop faster during play and slows down when it detects no motion

Motion Based Sensor

TheĀ Floppy Fish is portable and perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It has a great swing and aĀ quiet motor that takes playtime andĀ bonding to a whole new level!Ā 

Built InĀ RechargeableĀ Ā Battery

TheĀ Floppy Fish includes a built in battery and a USB cable for quick and easy recharging on the go. A full charge lasts for days, meaning more play and more fun!