Fur Vanisher ™ - The Ultimate in Fur Removal

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Is Your Pet Shedding Everywhere?

Tired of vacuuming and using lint rollers that don't work?

Then you need the Fur VanisherTM Pet Hair Remover Roller – The smarter way to remove pet hair off your furniture!

✔️ Works on all types of dog & cat hair!

✔️ Stop wasting money on disposable lint rollers!

✔️ The Fur Vanisher™ is 100% reusable and eco-friendly!

There has never been an easier way to remove pet fur (Both short and long) from your clothes, furniture, and fabrics!

The large surface area of the Fur Vanisher ™allows ultimate coverage on surfaces without any extra effort! It captures fur and lint in in half the time of a lint roller. There are no refills, no tape, and no messes.

A must-have for your clothes and your furniture!

☑️WORKS ON BOTH SHORT AND LONG PET FUR – If you have cats, dogs, or any furry animals, with short or long hair it’s what you’ve been looking for! It helps remove fur from your clothes, and it works like a charm, every time. No more fur and dust on your furniture or clothing.

☑️EASILY CLEANED –  Fur Vanisher ™allows easy disposal of your pets fur through the self catching tray within the back compartment of the brush, leaving no fur behind!

☑️EXTRA LARGE SURFACE AREA – The wide-brush style we have designed offers maximum coverage of surfaces leaving less time cleaning and more time relaxing.

☑️NO ADHESIVE OR STICKY TAPE DESIGN - Just open the lid, remove the fur and put it away until next time!

☑️REUSABLE & ECO FRIENDLY – No refills required like the traditional lint rollers. The Fur Buster is completely reusable and there are no sticky papers! Simply swipe it gently over the problem surface, and the fur will vanish. Save time and money by using our innovative brush.

☑️PERFECT FOR –  Furry Animals, Upholstered Furniture, Clothing, Carpets, Linens, Beds, Pillows, Fabric, Car seats, And More! 

Watch the Furwell Roller™ in action below:

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