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Is there anywhere to sit.. my feet are killing me!?

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Sound familiar? You’ve been queuing or walking around for what feels like forever, and your shoes aren’t helping. Your back aches, your legs hurt, and your feet are killing you. You just want to sit down for a few minutes - but there isn’t a chair in sight. We have the answer!

The Super Stool is an ultra-lightweight (2.75Lb / 1.24 Kg) portable stool that you can take with you wherever you go! It is professionally constructed using the most premium materials, allowing it to hold a maximum of 280lb/ 127kg. The super stool can reach a height of 18"/45cm

As soon as you are done with it, use the built-in folding mechanism to pop it right in your bag - simple! Just like that, you no longer need to dread massive queues or long walks! Perfect for camping, traveling, fishing queuing or as a emergancy etc. The list is endless.


This innovative product is the best seat in the house - or sidewalk, or campground, or festival - that can be worn like a bag.

The incredible interlocking structure folds up into a small, shoulder-strap hung container smaller than the width of an average frisbee, unfolding into a customized seat with a height of up to 18.10" / 45.9CM.

Sturdy and stable, it has a weight limit of 280LB / 127KG comfortably, making it ideal for adults and children alike.


- Step One: Place your thumbs and pointer fingers in the two holes located in both the base and the top. Using your fingers, gently twist the base and top in different directions while pulling the two halves apart from one another.
- Step Two: Once you have your Super Stool extended to the desired height, place the non-slip base on a stable, level surface. Your seat is ready!
- Step Three: When you’re ready to pick up and move on, simply reverse the opening process. Secure the top and bottom to one another to form the case, and grab the handle strap: you’re good to go!


With ten tiers of interlocking plates, you can adjust the stool as low or as high as you’d like.

Extend it all the way up to enjoy comfortable face-to-face conversation while waiting in line, or lower it for more action-oriented uses like cooking near a campfire or baiting a hook while fishing.


The woven adjustable strap can be carried like a handle or extended to rest on the shoulder like a purse or bag. The Super Stool is easy to tote along.

it’s the same width as a small frisbee (9.8" / 24.8Cm) and weighs approximately the same as 3 cans of coke (2.75Lb / 1.24 Kg).


We only used the highest rated premium materials to make the Super Stool, you can count on it to last for years

High-impact plastic and smooth telescoping design minimize stress points for long-lasting performance and even weight distribution. 

On the base we use TRP rubber feet prevent sliding and slipping, ensuring your Super Stool stays in place.


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